Our Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) are well-trained

Our migrant domestic workers (MDWs) from the provinces of the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar are interviewed and selected before being transferred to their respective country's authorized training centers for intensive training. The training focuses on babysitting, childcare, house keeping and basic English (for Indonesian and Myanmar MDWs), etc.

After the certification, they will arrive in Singapore to attend the one day Settling-In-Programme (SIP) and will also receive additional orientation from us on the importance of a good work attitude.

We strongly believe in customer-focused service. We can also arrange for your new and existing Migrant Domestic Helpers (MDWs) to attend more specialized training and courses in childcare, caring for a child with autism or young children with special cases, stroke patients, elderly with dementia and cooking classes (Chinese, Malay, Western and Indian meal). They are conducted at training centers in Singapore or at your home and last from one to five days.