Our Services

  • Direct hiring of your own migrant domestic worker

  • New / ex-Singapore / transfer migrant domestic workers

  • Insurance, security and embassy bond for migrant domestic workers

  • Work permit renewals and cancellations

  • Passport renewals & home leave applications

  • Medical checkups for migrant workers and domestic workers

  • Work permit, special pass, employment pass, student pass & entrepreneur pass (entrepass) applications

  • Sourcing of rental housing for foreign workers.

  • Placing of experienced foreign domestic workers, caregivers and nursing aides to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Israel, Canada and Norway (must have worked in Singapore for at least 4 to 6 years with good employment record) *Temporarily stopped due to the pandemic worldwide.

  • Local / overseas permanent, temporary & contract job placements

  • Singapore Jobs Search Services Online: COMING SOON!

All the above can be done from the comfort of your home or office as our staff will pick up the necessary documents from you.

For foreign domestic workers - After the migrant domestic workers (MDWs)  arrives in Singapore and after their completion of 14 days SHN, medical check-up, SIP course and all documentation, we will hand them over to you at your house. 

Looking for a reliable domestic woker?

Call or email us. Not all our biodatas are uploaded. Let us know your requirements and we will email the biodatas accordingly.


Email : gladdenea@gmail.com  

Tel : 6589 8433 / 6690 1961


Transfer Helpers

All transfer migrant domestic workers must provide us a release letter from their Current Employer if they haven't completed their contract. The helper must have a valid reason for their transfer to another Employer.

Our agency is also listed under MOM employment agencies which are willing to consider taking over the responsibilities for helpers to facilitate transfers.


Following on the recommendations by the Health and Manpower ministries, we are adopting telecommuting, stagger work hours and reduce close contact at work with the employers, foreign workers and us during this period of pandemic. 

We will be using whatsapp, sms and the telephone to orgainize interviews between employers, foreign workers and us. Most documentation, administration and payment will be done through the digital platforms whenever possible.