Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Why should I engage your employment and migrant domestic workers  (MDWs) agency? Are you the licensed agency?

Our agency provides comprehensive services to assist you in employing a migrant domestic worker (MDW) and take all the hassles of work permit application away from you. Our MDW's are carefully selected through intensive interviews by ourselves or through our overseas counterparts and we only try to match what is suitable for the employers.

Our agency is licensed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), accredited by the Association of Employment Agencies (AEAS) and our staff are experienced and certified by Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) as Certified Service Professional (CSP) and ExpertRating (an ISO 9001:2008 company in the USA) as Human Resource Professional.

2. What are the costs of hiring a MDW?

Our package fees are one of the most affordable. The cost includes: one time agency fee / documentation & application / medical examination (both local and foreign) / security bond & personal accident and hospitalization insurance / embassy bond / settling-in-programme (SIP) / overseas contract / air ticket / flexible home service  / transportation / lodging & others etc.  

3. Can I employ a MDW from any country?

No, you can only employ MDW's from MOM (Ministry of Manpower) approved source of countries for Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW's). The countries are: Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh.

4. Can you help me with the paperwork to bring in the MDW and I apply on my own application with MOM, insurance and others etc..?

Yes we can but the cost will work out to be quite the same, so why go through the trouble of making the application on your own? All the procedures will take up 3-6 days of your time. Our fees are affordable and there are no hidden cost. Besides, we provide full after sales service and 6 months mentoring scheme.

If the maid is from your own contact or source, you can opt for the direct hiring scheme. Not all applications are straightforward, so it's best to leave it to the experts like us for a smooth process.

5. What is security bond, personal accident and medical insurance?

Employers are required to provide a $5000 banker’s guarantee and take up a personal accident and medical insurance for their MDW. We have tied up with our partner insurance company to provide appropriate insurance coverage with various options for our customers.

6. What medical checks are necessary for my MDW during Covid-19?

All our MDW'S are required to undergo and pass a medical examination and be fully vaccinated in their host countries before their arrival in Singapore. MDWs arriving from India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Philippines must also take a COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test within 48 hours before departure.

If the entry approval is granted, all migrant  domestic workers (MDWs) must serve a *7-10 days Stay at Home Notice (SHN) upon entry into Singapore subject to airport arrival test, COVID-19 PCR test, serology test and ART test. (subject to changes in ICA Safe Travel requirements from time to time*.

After the 7-10 days SHN and your MDW is certified free of covid-19, she will have to undergo a medical examination and X-ray to be certified fit within 14 days. Thereafter, the maid is required to undergo six-monthly medical screening, for VDRL, pregnancy, and HIV.

7. Am I responsible for the medical expenses of the MDW?  

Yes, as an Employer, you are required to bear the full cost of the medical care, including hospitalization. Your MDW's basic insurance coverage will have to cover Covid-19 protection, personal accident and hospitalization expenses. You can opt for additional coverage for dental and mental health with an added premium. 

8. Must I attend the Employers' Orientation Programme?

In general, if you (employer) have not employed a maid before, you must attend a 4-hour Employers' Orientation Programme (EOP) before you submit your Work Permit application for your MDW. You can attend either the classroom or online based EOP. You must have a Singpass before you can log in to attend the online based EOP.

Please visit our website for more info and link to registration of SIP.

9. How much is the MDW’s levy per month and when do the employer pay them?

The current levy is $265 (normal) and $60 (concession). An employer may be eligible for the concessionary levy rate under any of the young child or grandchild scheme, aged person scheme or persons with disabilities (PWD) scheme.

CPF Board, as the collection agent, collects the Levy on behalf of MOM. A MDW levy is to be paid by employers at the end of each month. Levy charges begin on the 1st to 4th day after she arrives in Singapore (excluding the day of arrival). Read more on foreign domestic worker levy at:

10. Do I have to pay the maid salary and can I get refund on the maid-levy paid during the period that my MDW goes on home leave?

Yes, you can get a refund for the maid-levy paid for the period your MDW is not in Singapore. You can go to any CPF branch, and produce your maid's passport to support your claim for refund. It depends on the employment contract the maid had with you. The normal practice is: Home leave is no-pay leave. However, if the maid finished her two year contract and is deemed to be renewed, then she is entitled to 15 days of paid leave or a lump sum equivalent to the return ticket to her city of origin.

11. MDW's salary and sending money home?

 You should pay your MDW her salary monthly no later than 7 days after the date as written on the employment contract. You can pay her with cash (salary schedule with proper records) or bank deposit.  She can send money back through Western Union, banks or other remittance services.

12. Settling-In Programme (SIP)

The SIP is a mandatory one day programme for all first-time MDW's, prior to deployment. The SIP aims to better orientate and equip FDWs with basic knowledge about living and working in Singapore. More info on SIP:

13. How long is the whole procedure to hire a MDW?

Certain changes in regulations and circumstances from time to time in Singapore or the MDW's countries may lead to further delay in the arrival of the MDWs. Prepare yourself mentally to allow a few weeks to a few months for the MDWs to come in. Read about some of the reasons on the links below:   

More maids to be allowed into S'pore from Nov 1; they could still take 3 to 6 months to enter (October 5, 2021 The Straits Times) -

S’pore stops accepting new work pass holders from high Covid-19 risk places, including maids (May 7, 2021 The Straits Times) -

More maids leaving household within year (Nov 13, 2017 The New paper) -

Philippines embassy tightens supply (Dec 39, 2015 The Straits Times) - 

Hiring maids becoming more costly with tighter regulations (Jan 19, 2015 The Straits Times) -

14. How do I choose the right maid?

(a) Know what you want in a MDW. Tell us your requirements for the maid. We will then pass you a couple of biodatas that match your criteria. Upon selection, we will arrange for interviews with your shortlisted candidates.

(b) Interview prospective MDW's. When interviewing the MDWs, list down your priorities and see how each candidate reacts. Be very specific on what is important to you.

For example, if your priorities are (a) taking care of newborn baby (b) cooking (c) domestic chores, etc. You can ask the helpers on their willingness to wake up in the middle of the night to look after the baby in case you can't cope. Some helpers flinched at the thought of waking up at night; some were concerned about the cooking, etc. Are you willing to give the MDWs 4 days off based on the new MOM ruling that they are entitled to 4 days off in a month? Are they willing to accept less than 4 days off and be compensated for the off day not taken?

Employers must provide maids with at least one rest day a month that cannot be compensated away: MOM (July 22, 2021 Channel News Asia) -

(c) Make your final choice. Once you have interviewed a multiple of MDW's, you would have fancy one or two among all the rest. Choose carefully and both parties (MDW and you) should raise any concerns before proceeding. Let us know your choice and we will compile all the paper work that you have to sign or submit.

15. What are the important things to take note on hiring a FDW?

The Employment of Foreign Manpower Act says that foreigners employed as domestic workers can only "perform household and domestic duties at the residential address as stated in the work permit". On the other hand, the Manpower Ministry wants to give employers flexibility. More info and advice read:

Draw up a list of chores that maids shouldn't have to do (Mar 30, 2017 The Straits Times) -

16. If the MDW don't work out well and we encounter problems with them, do you have replacement / transferring for her?

We respond quickly to any problems by providing free counselling services through talking to the maids to find out what happen and solve the problems. As all MDW's are also human beings and make mistakes, we cannot guarantee that all will work out well. We have always done our best to make sure that the MDW is up to a standard before they are deployed in Singapore.

If counselling does not work, we will advise and provide you a replacement based on the terms of the agreement signed on the contract. You must allow the MDW to be transferred out through us, in order for us to replace her with a new MDW for you. We will try our best to provide you with a MDW before transferring your existing MDW out so that you will have a MDW at all times to do your household chores and handle your kids or elderly etc....

17. What are the documents required for processing of application for the FDW?    

(x) Photocopy of employer and spouse's I/C and members staying in your house.

(x) Children's birth certificates

(x) Current or previous year income tax's notice of assessment from IRAS

(x) Your certificate from Employment Orientation Program (if 1st time taking a MDW)

(x) Fixed deposit bank account statement of at least $50K for retirees hiring a MDW (Subject to MOM approval). 

18. More questions for information not found here? 

Please call or email us for more information. Tel: 6589 8433 / 6690 1961 Email:


Following on the recommendations by the Health and Manpower ministries, we are adopting telecommuting, stagger work hours and reduce close contact at work with the employers, foreign workers and us during this period of pandemic. 

We will be using whatsapp, sms and the telephone to orgainize interviews between employers, foreign workers and us. Most documentation, administration and payment will be done through the digital platforms whenever possible.


All personal information and documents collected from you are provided in confidence, for the sole purpose of MDW's or other worker application process and may not be disclosed to any third party or used for any other purpose without your written permission, unless required by law.